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Episode 174 The Terminator

Episode 174 The Terminator

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On your feet soldier! Pack the essentials because Chatflix is travelling back to the past! It’s Los Angeles 1984 or bust! Clothing optional; except for a cool pair of sunnies… but you can pick them up once we get there…

Brose has assembled a panel of unstoppable chatterers to look at James Cameron’s sci-fi classic, The Terminator. James and Angus have the concept of Fate, Cyborg Assassins vs Waitressing and oncoming storms in their laser targeted sights.

Linda Hamilton plays the mother to humanity, or as the T-101 calls her: Sarah Connor. There’s back up from Michael Biehn’s pipe bomb making Kyle Reece. And the almost sharklike Schwarzenegger, who births the phrase “I’ll be back” without ever breaking a sweat.

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