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Episode 175 Mini 39 The Delta Force

Episode 175 Mini 39 The Delta Force

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Fire the cannons! Cannon FIlms that is! Shaun and Brose team up to look at the big gun talent Golan and Globus lured to Cannon during their command of the Cannon Empire in our newest series of ChatFlix Minis.

Week Three: The Delta Force.

As a result of a terrible airline hi-jacking, Chuck Norris retaliates by assembling The Delta Force to save the day. Well.. technically it’s probably more Lee Marvin’s idea and because Norris has retired and Marvin has to get Norris to come out of retirement… but you get where we’re coming from: something bad happens, then The Delta Force comes along and and something bad happens to the bad thing (with motorbikes with rocket launchers mounted on their handlebars no less!).

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