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Episode 180 Back to the Future Part II

Episode 180 Back to the Future Part II

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Yes, this week we are going back! Back too the future!

Brose is joined by Sophie, Cable and Looch to chat all things futuristic. Nike Mags? Check! Flying cars? Check! Fancy pepsi bottles? Check! Ooh La La magazine? You better believe it!

The sequel that is also the first film but parts of this film are actually inside the first film, not actually the first film, featuring the return of Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson, James Tolkan and Crispin Glover… well… kind of… oops…. don’t sue!

Jump into your Delorean, and, if it’s a time machine one, set your target date to 1989 and enjoy the ride!

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