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Episode 213 Space Jam

Episode 213 Space Jam

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with Angus Brown, Kayla Coombs, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

Everybody get up it’s time to slam now
We got a new podcast goin’ down
Welcome to Warner Bros Space Jam
Angus here’s your chance, 
Brose do your dance, we’re chatting Space Jam
Alright, alright, alright, alright. 

Kayla is waving her hands in the air coz she feels fine.
Jazz’ll chat this into overtime 
We’re chatting 1996’s Space Jaaaammmm! 

With all the Looney Tunes, get hyped, say HOOP there it is! 
Come on Michael Jordan and 90’s basketball stars, say HOOP there it is!! 
Come on, let’s meet Lola Bunny for the first time sayin, HOOP there it is!!!

Come on and run, baby run (to your favourite podcast app)
Yeah, you want a hoop? 
So shoot, baby shoot (and listen to our latest episode TODAY) Come on and slam, welcome to Space Jam!

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