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Episode 219 Almost Famous

Episode 219 Almost Famous

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with Tony Wilson, Danielle Chau and Brose Avard

All aboard the bus! Chatflix is on tour and we’re headed ALLLL the way back to 1973 (actually the year 2000), for Cameron Crowe’s kinda, sorta semi-autobiographical, drama, comedy; Almost Famous.

With Brose unmistakably the lead singer, the rest of the band is made up with; author, broadcaster and speech aficionado Tony Wilson & Danielle Chau.

We chat the story of a teenage Rolling Stone reporter (Patrick Fugit) on the road with the famous… well almost famous… rock band Still Water (featuring Billy Crudup and Jason Lee) and their Band Aids (Kate Hudson and Anna Paquin).

So, what do you love about music? And flicks about fictitious rock bands? Pop your headphones in and listen to our latest episode TODAY.

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