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Episode 250th Starship Troopers

Episode 250th Starship Troopers

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with Caitlin Ferrier, Stuart Wilson, Angus Brown, Danielle Chau, Trevor Wood, Jarrod Welsh, Luciana Parissi and Brose Avard

We asked YOU to Pick the Flick for our 250th episode and this time it’s WAR! In the year 2197 mankind is locked in an interstellar war with an alien insectoid species in Paul Verhoevan’s Sci-Fi Action Adventure flick; Starship Troopers (1997) 

…want to know more…? 

It’s Klendathu or bust! And BROSE has assembled his own team of Roughnecks when Stu, Caity and Angus chat themselves into the first wave of attack until the cavalry arrives in the form of James, Looch, Trev, Danielle and Jarrod!

When it comes to podcasting BROSE only has two rules – 
Everybody Chats
No One Quits (Listening)

We will not stop chatting, well, until we die or you find a better pod! So, pop us in your ears, grab a spot on the frontline of the new frontier and help us celebrate our 250th Chat TODAY!

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