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Episode 252 Mallrats

Episode 252 Mallrats

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with Trevor Wood, Cable Sage, Aaron Carroll and Brose Avard

Dumped by their partners, two buddies take a trip to their local shopping centre.. ahem, mall. They’re not there to shop. They’re not there to work. We’re here to chat all things Kevin Smith’s Mallrats (1995).

Snootchie Bootchies! 

The second film in the View Askew-niverse but chronologically a day before Clerks and maybe coincidentally enough, our FIRST Kevin Smith chat. BROSE stink-palms (just kidding, we’re still social distancing) Trev, Cable & Aaron Carroll (on debut) as they break down topless fortune telling, dating game shows and Stan Lee. Yep! You better believe it True Believer, THAT Stan Lee!! Excelsior!

So, before Jaws pops out of the water, grab your headphones, grab a cookie from the Cookie Stand and fill up your cup with Coke (No Ice) and listen to our NEWEST episode TODAY

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