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Episode 99: Predator 2

Episode 99: Predator 2

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Jade, Stuart and Brose turn on their invisibility and roam the streets of Los Angels under the keen pursuit of prey. They would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky Danny Glover!

So join us as the streets run infrared with blood as we Chatflix about Predator 2.

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November 26, 2018 at 1:57 am

Hello, Chatflix,

I’ve recently discovered this podcast and have really enjoyed listening to almost every episode (I’ve even enjoyed listening to a couple of episodes about films I never intend to watch.)

I was introduced to “Predator 2” on video in 5th or 6th grade by a friend who really got a kick out of having friends come over after school and showcasing all the “good bits” of movies by fast forwarding through all the dialogue and just showing us action and gore.

I think I saw more of “Predator 2” at his house than I did any other movie, because the majority of the flick is one long chase sequence, which made the bulk of the movie a “good bit.”

It fascinates me to watch this movie in retrospect because for about five minutes back in the day there was a genuine concern that the Jamaican marijuana gangs would soon be making their big push to take over LA.

“Predator 2” attempted to predict the outcome of this, but unfortunately for the filmmakers, the Jamaican conquest of LA was just a fart in a bathtub, leaving the turf war in “Predator 2” a bizarre anachronism.
They bet it all on black, but landed on red. What’re ya gonna do?

I don’t remember there being any discussion of the Jamaican gangs being into voodoo in 1990, but it makes sense to me to think that in the movie King Willy’s gang have appropriated aspects of voodoo tradition just to unnerve their rivals.

The development of “Predator” lore is definitely a huge part of this film’s appeal. The repetition of behavior from the first film cements this Predator’s behavior as part of their people’s hunting tradition. And the introduction of new elements give “Predator” fans much to chew on. The Predator’s first-aid kit ritual is a particular highlight, as is the element on the train establishing that a Predator will not kill a pregnant individual. Could this be because it would be shameful to kill an unborn child who may someday mature into a strong, worthy prize to hunt?

And, of course, the Alien skull on board the Predator ship always deserves a special mention. Any easter egg that fires the imagination the way that skull does is worth oodles of fanboy love.

Is “Predator 2” a flawed sequel to “Predator?” Absolutely, it’s got flaws, many of them discussed in this episode.

But “Predator 2” also has the distinction of being a sequel that takes the same idea as the original film, but gives it it’s own completely different identity. There’s no mistaking the Predator in the urban jungle with the first film’s Predator in the Central American jungle.

In closing, “let me tell you what I believe… s#!t happens.”

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