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About ChatFlix

ChatFlix is a weekly podcast that looks at cinema classics as well as the not so classic. We are the type of viewers that can’t watch anything without imdb open on our phones and we’ve been hanging around to watch the entire end credits of a film long before Marvel started loading them with teasers. We know what a grip does, we know who the best boy is and we know which are the good Woody Allen films and which are the bad.

We are inviting you to join us each week to discuss a favourite film; look back on it’s flaws and its successes. We could be in a cafe, at a bar or on the tram heading home after a night out at the movies. We will get lost in our memories and the films themselves.

ChatFlix; more nostalgia than intellect.

Meet the team


Hailing from rural Victoria, neighbouring that other over-achiever Wil Anderson, Echo surrounded herself in whatever artistic endeavours she could; school musicals, the school concert band, and did what she could to get out of a small town. Continuing her love of performing, she was active in the University of Melbourne Medical Students’ Society Musical Comedy Revue show for many years and also acted in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, a few short films and even a little modeling! Echo is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and is currently about to break out on the world stage with interest from international record publishers, song writers, musicians and producers.

Brose/Co Host

Brose Avard is a Melbourne based media professional. As an actor you may have seen him in national television commercial campaigns for Jeep and Matador BBQs or as co-host of Darren and Brose (ONE; Network Ten), interviewing guests and appearing in sketches. In addition to performing he also produced Darren and Brose and also produced Toon Time (Foxtel) and warmed audiences for; The Project (Network Ten), Mad as Hell (ABC TV), Who Wants to be a Millionaire HotSeat (Nine Network) and Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten). He is a passionate film fan and founded Reel Chat with Adam Stolfo at the end of 2014, releasing 60 episodes. As creator and producer of ChatFlix, Brose aims to encourage a casual but entertaining conversation about film each week.

Stuart/Regular Panelist

Stuart Wilson is a freelance writer and member of the Australian Film Critics' Association. He enjoys more movies than he has any right to, and co-founded hoopla.nu back in 2004 with little thought as to how difficult it would to enunciate the web address verbally. He has since written over 1000 film reviews there. He has also written pieces for AntipodeanSF and Den of Geek. As a movie buff, he has a soft spot for the works of Hitchcock, Whedon and Shyamalan (well, MOST of them) and is always willing to sit through an enclosed-space thriller, no matter how ridiculous the premise.

Trev/Regular panelist

Trev first met Brose at University where they studied film together and talked too much in class so Chatflix is a perfect fit. Between then and now Trev has made short films as well as written and self published a bunch of comics.


Bio: Matthew is a husband, father and all round nice guy living and working as a graphic designer in Melbourne. He has never been seen in the same room at the same time as Michael Fassbender... Make of that what you will. His favourite films are 'The Graduate' 'The Horror of Dracula' and 'The Great Silence' to name a few... He is also a big fan of films containing Oliver Reed, Michael Caine, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Donald Plesance (He once stayed at his house!) and Brian Blessed (He has never stayed at his house).

Caity/Regular panelist

Caity is Film & TV graduate who has been working in the visual effects industry for 6 years. She has worked on movies including 2016's Ghostbusters, The Wolverine and Mad Max: Fury Road; and TV shows Game of Thrones and Childhood's End. She has deep-seated love for episodes of Star Trek TNG (even the bad ones), and an inherent hatred for Lars Von Trier movies (even the good ones). In her natural habitat she can be found sitting in the dark, wearing an Adventure Time hoodie, playing on the PS4 and eating ultra-spicy ramen.