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Episode 216 Mini 51 Bound

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with Shaun Crawford and Brose Avard

When it comes to stealing millions in mob money and pinning the blame on someone else you’ve gotta listen to Shaun and Brose … as they chat Corky (Gina Gershon) and Violet’s (Jennifer Tilly) scheme when they continue their series of chats of debut flicks from famous directors with The Wachowskis 1996 feature flick; Bound

The Wachowski’s delivered a sexy, romantic, violent, crime thriller all wrapped up in murder and money before they had the whole world asking “what is The Matrix?”

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Episode 215 Jeremy Theobald from Following (1998) Interview

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with Shaun Crawford, James Hazelden and Brose Avard

This week ChatFlix is very lucky to be joined by the star of Christopher Nolan’s debut feature film Following, Jeremy Theobald.

Jeremy joins Shaun, James and Brose over Zoom to chat the making of Following and what he has been up to more recently.

We are grateful for the time Jeremy made to talk to us and we hope you enjoy this chat as much we did.

Listen to Shaun and I review Following on episode 208 (June 10).

Episode 214 Mini 50 Bottle Rocket

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with Shaun Crawford and Brose Avard

When three friends plan a robbery and go on the run we don’t usually chat about it. UNLESS those three friend are from Wes Anderson’s debut flick; Bottle Rocket.

Continuing their series of chats about debut flicks from famous directors, Shaun and Brose team up again turning their attention to the bottle-less, rocket-less crime comedy that gave us not once, not twice but three times a Wilson’s (Owen, Luke and Andrew) with the great James Caan.

Episode 213 Space Jam

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with Angus Brown, Kayla Coombs, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

Everybody get up it’s time to slam now
We got a new podcast goin’ down
Welcome to Warner Bros Space Jam
Angus here’s your chance, 
Brose do your dance, we’re chatting Space Jam
Alright, alright, alright, alright. 

Kayla is waving her hands in the air coz she feels fine.
Jazz’ll chat this into overtime 
We’re chatting 1996’s Space Jaaaammmm! 

With all the Looney Tunes, get hyped, say HOOP there it is! 
Come on Michael Jordan and 90’s basketball stars, say HOOP there it is!! 
Come on, let’s meet Lola Bunny for the first time sayin, HOOP there it is!!!

Come on and run, baby run (to your favourite podcast app)
Yeah, you want a hoop? 
So shoot, baby shoot (and listen to our latest episode TODAY) Come on and slam, welcome to Space Jam!

Episode 212 Mini 49 Hard Eight

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with Shaun Crawford and Brose Avard

The dice are loaded and we’re shooting high this week as the double or nothing team of Shaun (the double) and Brose (nothing) continue their discussion of first time directors with Paul Thomas Anderson’s Hard Eight.

This gritty 1996 film stars Philip B. Hall, John C. Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson and Gwyneth (no middle initial) Paltrow is set in Las Vegas and is one hell of a ride!

Episode 211 GoldenEye

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with Josh Ladgrove, Trevor Wood, Angus Brown and Brose Avard

The name is Flix, ChatFlix.

Join us as we gear up and bungy jump head first into the dammed river that is the Bond Cinematic Franchise.

Brose is joined by special guest, comedian Josh Ladgrove, comic artist Trevor Wood and comedian Angus Brown.

Put on your best tuxedo pour yourself a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred) and pop us in your hear holes and listen to us chat about  Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond debut in 1995’s Goldeneye.

Episode 210 Mini 48 Gone Baby Gone

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with Shaun Crawford and Brose Avard

This is week three of seven discussing the debut films of famous directors with Ben Affleck’s first effort; Gone Baby Gone.

Familiar themes for Affleck, focusing on South Boston and the working class milieu that we saw in Good Will Hunting and the subsequent The Town.

In coming weeks we will look at Hard Eight (Paul Thomas Anderson), Bottle Rocket (Wes Anderson), Bound (The Wachowskis) and Blood Simple (the Coen Brothers).

Episode 209 Jawbreaker

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with Sam, Heather and Veronica (and Brose Avard)

This week Brose is locked in the boot by Sam, Heather and Veronica from Spice Power as we discuss the 1999 film Jawbreaker!

Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz and Judy Greer star in this problematic 90s throwback that brings together elements from Heather, Clueless and Carrie.

With a supporting cast including PJ Soles, Carol Kane, Pam Grier, Marilyn Manson, William Katt and Jeff Conaway!

How does Jawbreaker hold up on its 21st birthday? Listen to find out!

Episode 208 Mini 47 Following

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with Shaun Crawford and Brose Avard

For seven weeks Shaun and Brose are discussing the debut films of prominent directors. Robert Rodriguez, P T Anderson, the Coen Brothers, the Wachowskis, Wes Anderson and Ben Affleck.

For week two we are checking out Christopher Nolan’s 1998 debut theatrical film: Following. The man that went on to re-invent the troubled Batman franchise and cinema in general with films like Inception, Interstellar, Insomnia and other films not starting with the letter ‘i.’

Episode 207 Escape from New York

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with Marshall Jackson, Angus Brown and Brose Avard

In 1981 John Carpenter dared imagine a not-too distant future (1997), when New York City would be walled off to the rest of the USA and turned into a maximum security prison. Terrorists have crashed the President within these walls and the President’s only hope is Kurt Russell (Trump wishes Russell was all he needed!).

Jackson Marshall from We Watched This Movie Podcast breaks into Chatflix to chat Escape From New York with one-eyed Brose and Angus who has been injected with micro-explosives. The clock is ticking. Breaking out is impossible but downloading our newest episode is simple.