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Episode 188 Mini 42 Condorman

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with Corrine Lawrence

In a NEW series of minis, Brose sits down with Supergirl cosplayer extraordinaire Corrine Lawrence to chat about a handful of favourite, formative, childhood flicks.

Kicking off with Condorman. You know the song;

Condorman, Condorman, does whatever a Condor can… wait! That might be wrong. What is right is that is stars a pre-West End darling Michael Crawford as cartoonist come super hero fighting a villain played by Hollywood legend Oliver Reed alongside unofficial Bond Girl Barbara Carrera. No seriously, Oliver Reed is in Condorman.

Does Condorman take flight all these years later? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Episode 187 2020 Vision

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This week Jarrod and Brose chat about what is coming u on ChatFlix in 2020!

The year Pacific Rim, Edge of Tomorrow, Reign of Fire are all set… is this the year for ChatFlix to finally chat Reign of Fire?

Episode 186 Bad Boys

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Welcome to Maimi… in the 90s; when action comedies were rated R and shot loose and from the hip!

Yes, this week is Bad Boys; Michale Bay’s best action comedy starring three sitcom stars (Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Tea Leoni) and featuring two cast members from The Sopranos (Joe Pantoliano and Michale Imperioli)! Who were you expecting? Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz?

Brose rides with Shaun and Looch dies with Jazz coz it’s Bad Boys for Chatflix. 

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? You’re going to download us into your ear holes.

Episode 185 2019 in Review

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Brose and Jarrod sit down to chat everything 2019. The episodes, the movies and… well… the episodes and movies!

Enjoy and look out for our look forward into 2020 next week.

Episode 184 Jumanji

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Before Jumanji levelled up to find new life as a TRON-like video game it originally made its way into 90’s kids hearts as a good old fashioned Board Game.

Brose is your Game Master and Stu and Caity have their playing pieces selected and it’s time to roll the dice as we take you back to 1995 to chat Joe Johnston’s Jumanji.

The 90’s didn’t have The Rock or Kevin Hart, instead we were treated to Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt running around keeping a young Kirsten Dunst safe from some early CGI animals. Are you game enough to listen?

Episode 183 Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker [SPOLER ALERT]

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The phantom menaced, the clones attacked and Sith sought revenge. We had new hope, the Empire struck back (HARD) and the Jedi managed to return. And then the Force awakened, we witnessed the last Jedi and now Skywalker has risen – and it only took 42 years too!

This week Trevor, Jarrod, Adam and Brose (and Eddie) give their response to the opening of the 9th and final film (at this stage) of the Skywalker Saga.

We chat Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver and everyone else in JJ Abrams return to the franchise.

Episode 182 Spice World: The Movie

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YOooOooO, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want! I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ahhhh.

Spice Up Your Life when we chat Spice World, in this week’s episode of Chatflix. 2 Become 1 when we’re joined by three members of the Melbourne Spice Girls tribute act Spice Power – Ginger, Sporty and Scary (otherwise known as Heather, Sam and Izzy). 

They have recruited their NEWEST member – Brose! (otherwise known as Podcast Spice ) to chat about their love of the Spice Girls and their love of Spice World (The Movie)! Viva Forever!! 

They discuss the performances of all the girls; Geri, Mel B, Mel C, Emma & Victoria and; the extensive collection of cameos like Richard E Grant, Alan Cumming, Richard O Brien, Roger Moore and Bob Hoskins, the real Bob Hoskins damnit!

Stop! And Say You’ll Be There.

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Episode 181 Beverly Hills Cop

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This week Jarrod takes a small holiday to Beverly Hills and teams up with local law enforcement Brose and Shaun to chat one of Eddie Murphy’s early hits. Don’t believe me? GTFOH!

We chat the Honourable Judge Reinhold, John Ashton (not John Astin!), Ronny Cox, Steven Berkhoff, Lisa Eilbacher, Jonathan “Breaking Bad” Banks and even Sylvester Stallone! (Wait, what? He’s not even IN this film!)

Join us as we relive this action/comedy and the work of Martin Brest and the early days of Simpson and Bruckheimer.

Episode 180 Back to the Future Part II

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Yes, this week we are going back! Back too the future!

Brose is joined by Sophie, Cable and Looch to chat all things futuristic. Nike Mags? Check! Flying cars? Check! Fancy pepsi bottles? Check! Ooh La La magazine? You better believe it!

The sequel that is also the first film but parts of this film are actually inside the first film, not actually the first film, featuring the return of Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson, James Tolkan and Crispin Glover… well… kind of… oops…. don’t sue!

Jump into your Delorean, and, if it’s a time machine one, set your target date to 1989 and enjoy the ride!

Episode 179 Mini Cyborg

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Fire the Cannons! Cannon Films that is! Shaun and Brose team-up to look at the big gun talent Golan and Globus lured to Cannon during their command of the Cannon empire in our newest line of Chatflix Minis.

In our final Cannon film we look at the Van Damme film Cyborg. Shaun has a lot affection for this little film that could, Brose just thinks it’s a little film that didn’t! An interesting back story for the production of this film and the effects of one of Cannon’s biggest egos ever.