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Episode 176 A Nightmare on Elm Street

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1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you
3, 4 Brose better lock his door
5, 6 Grab your crucifix AND… James and Danielle… for a BRAND NEW episode of Chatflix. (we are good poets, we are!)

Welcome to our newest nightmare, Wes Craven’s 1984 classic: A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Following the lead of movie slashers Michael Myers and Jason before him, the monstrous spirit Freddy Krueger is dreamt into cinema! Slain for child murders, Freddy dreams up revenge on the next generation’s teenagers including a then teenaged Johnny Depp!

Episode 175 Mini 39 The Delta Force

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Fire the cannons! Cannon FIlms that is! Shaun and Brose team up to look at the big gun talent Golan and Globus lured to Cannon during their command of the Cannon Empire in our newest series of ChatFlix Minis.

Week Three: The Delta Force.

As a result of a terrible airline hi-jacking, Chuck Norris retaliates by assembling The Delta Force to save the day. Well.. technically it’s probably more Lee Marvin’s idea and because Norris has retired and Marvin has to get Norris to come out of retirement… but you get where we’re coming from: something bad happens, then The Delta Force comes along and and something bad happens to the bad thing (with motorbikes with rocket launchers mounted on their handlebars no less!).

Episode 174 The Terminator

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On your feet soldier! Pack the essentials because Chatflix is travelling back to the past! It’s Los Angeles 1984 or bust! Clothing optional; except for a cool pair of sunnies… but you can pick them up once we get there…

Brose has assembled a panel of unstoppable chatterers to look at James Cameron’s sci-fi classic, The Terminator. James and Angus have the concept of Fate, Cyborg Assassins vs Waitressing and oncoming storms in their laser targeted sights.

Linda Hamilton plays the mother to humanity, or as the T-101 calls her: Sarah Connor. There’s back up from Michael Biehn’s pipe bomb making Kyle Reece. And the almost sharklike Schwarzenegger, who births the phrase “I’ll be back” without ever breaking a sweat.

Episode 173 Mini 38

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Fire the Cannons! Cannon Films that is! Shaun and Brose team-up to look at the big gun talent Golan and Globus lured to Cannon during their command of the Cannon empire in our newest line of Chatflix Minis.

Before the Turtles thrust Ninja into the zeitgeist and long before Tom Cruise even dreamed of being The Last Samurai, Michael Dudikoff was the American Ninja! Would you believe Dudikoff had no martial arts training before he made this film? We would!

Episode 172 Halloween

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With previous ChatFlix episodes looking at a crazed clown, a zombie apocalypse and a psycho camp killer, this week we lock the door, run upstairs and hide in a closet because now it’s time to chat the 1978 John Carpenter classic: Halloween! 

Babysitter Brose has planned pumpkin carving activities to distract Shaun and Jarrod from the mental hospital escapee Michael Myers, who looks an awful lot like the dude from Star Trek with no make up! 

Jamie Lee Curtis kicks off her Scream Queen reign as our hero, Laurie Strode. Supported by former James Bond villain, Donald Pleasence as Loomis as they attempt to survive the night ‘the guy who directed The Last Starfighter came home.’

Episode 171 Mini 37 Death Wish 3

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Fire the Cannons! Cannon Films that is! Shaun and Brose team-up to look at the big gun talent Golan and Globus lured to Cannon during their command of the Cannon empire in our newest line of Chatflix Minis.

Starting with Charles Bronson, who is back as architect turned vigilante Paul Kersey, dishing out vengeance to all those troublesome gangs wishing for death so badly IN Death Wish 3 (so Death Wish-y this one doesn’t even need a subtitle).

Episode 170 Friday the 13th

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This week we set up camp at Crystal Lake, we’ll be ok, yeah? Brose is joined by Sophie, Matt and Jarrod to chat the genesis of Jason Voorhees and the evolution of the slasher film.

Of course we discuss all the stars; Adrienne King, Kevin Bacon and… um… the guy from the police desk in Superman and… um… that weird Scooby Doo fella… you know… from Trading Places? All the stars!

Find out our thoughts on the first step of one of the most enduring horror franchises in cinema history.

ChatFlix Mini Wait Until Dark

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Brose and Stu round out chatting enclosed space thrillers with a classic; Wait Until Dark. Audrey Hepburn alongside a very young Alan Arkin and Richard Crenner.

In this week’s Chatflix Mini, Brose and Stu will have to wait until dark and sneak into Audrey Hepburn’s apartment in search of a heroin stuffed doll. Don;t ask why, just because! While you wait, they’ll chat about Terence Young’s 1967 non-James Bond Enclosed Space Thriller flick – Wait Until Dark.

With a Home Alone Hepburn and not so wet bandits Richard Crenna, Jack Weston, and a very young Alan Arkin supported by (close you eyes and listen for Batman Animated Series butler Alfred) Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 

Remember to get done before morning guys, they say Hepburn has plans for breakfast.

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Episode 168 Zombieland

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On the other side of a zombie apocalypse, Brose is unsure how he would fare… if using Colombus’ rules as a guide, he’d be stuffed! Luckily, at least for this episode, he will have the help of Danielle and Kathryn.

The tea double taps their way through this great film, starring Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin.

With a ten year gap before the sequel, how does the original hold up? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!

Episode 167 Joker Bonus episode with Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Kate Rachel Gould

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As a bonus to our Joker review, ChatFlix regular Adam R. Thomas had a chat with friend and Clinical Neuropsychologist and Research Fellow Dr Kate Rachel Gould from the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, Monash University, for her unique, professional perspective on Joker.

An informative insight into the perception of mental illness and the representation in this powerful film.