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Ep 132 Mini 22 Eric Bischoff Interview

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This week Brose chats to former WCW Boss Eric Bischoff. Find out the inside word on the upcoming Hulk Hogan biopic starring CHRIS HEMSWORTH! We also chat about his podcast 83 Weeks and his upcoming Australian Tour!


Episode 131: Mini Episode 21: Hard Candy

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Brose and Stu sit down to chat about the creepy Patrick Wilson and disturbing Ellen Page starring film Hard Candy. An awkward, intense, enclosed space thriller from 2005 that keeps you on the edge of the seat you’ve been tied to.

Episode 130: Avengers Endgame [SPOILER ALERT]

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ChatFlix Assemble! This week we break the embargo and litter the show with SPOILERS when we chat Avengers Endgame. For such an epic movie we have assembled an epic line up! Brose is joined by Tristan Jones, Corrine Lawrence, Matt O’Neill, Sophie Hargrave, Adam Thomas and ChatFlix regulars Trevor Wood, Jarrod Welsh and Looch Parissi!
We iron out Robert Downey Jr, we shield you from Chris Evans, ask whether Chrith Hemthworth ith thtill Thor, whether Mark Ruffalo is still feeling green, check out Josh Brolin’s grimace and give Scarlett Johansson more airtime that the combined MCU.
A film 11 years and 22 films in the making, that’s more series finale than movie. ‘Goodbye, Farewell and Assemble.’
Have a listen and let us know where you think the Russo Brothers went right and where they went wrong!

Episode 129: Mini Episode 20: Panic Room

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Brose and Stu are locked up in their Panic Room to chat… well… Panic Room! David Fincher’s enclosed space thriller holds the likes of Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart and Forest Whitaker.

Episode 128: Mean Girls

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This week Brose is joined by three very non-Mean Girls; Emily, Kathryn and Corrine! We chat about how fetch Mean Girls is 15 years later, whether a full forearm cast is necessary for carpal tunnel and the necessity to look both ways in a school bus zone. Who would have predicted Rachel McAdams would still be as popular as Regina George, Lindsay Lohan would somewhat disappear like Cady Heron and that Tina Fey is still helping create strong female personalities? I have to say, things will be sufficiently awkward… like seeing a dog walking on its hind legs.

Episdoe 127: Mini Episode 19: Cube

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As a companion episode to Dial M for Murder, Brose and Stu are chatting Enclosed Space Thrillers kicking things off with Cube!

Episode 126: Dial M for Murder

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Dust off the landline and call up our latest feature episode – Dial M for Murder. It’s been years since Brose even used a rotary phone, he misses M but instead rings P for panelists and Stu, Kathryn James answer the call.

The gang chat the almost perfect murder and answer age old questions such as who would even want to murder Grace Kelly? Tony Milland that’s who! But not before Rob Cummings and John Williams can stop the grumpy ol bugger.

Stay on the line as we chat our first (!!!) Hitchcock flick and his last movie for WB, even if your parents are yelling at you to get off the phone

Episode 125: Mini Episode 18: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

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To wrap up 7 weeks of Billy Wilder wildness, Brose and James chat about the Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, the movie… and the life.

Episode 124: Hellboy (2004)

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This week ChatFlix goes to Hell!!!

Well, Hellboy… Brose, Jarrod, Looch and AllStar Comics’ Mitch Davies chat the OG (Originial Guillermo) HellBoy.

Guillermo Del Toro’s 2004 adaptation of Big Red bursts into your podcast stream as the new film flames into the cinema! How does Ron Perlman’s performance hold up? Has Doug Jones always been capable of incredible physical performances? Has John Hurt always been an old man? Does anyone remember who Rupert Evans is? And how great is Selma Blair in everything?!? Bump back with us as we find out this week on ChatFlix!

Episode 123: Mini Episode 17: Stalag 17

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Brose and James get back to another Billy Wilder Classic; Stalag 17! We hole up with William Holden and company in a war camp comedy that preceded both Hogan’s Heroes and The Great Escape.