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Episode 102: Mini ep 8: Psycho II

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You would have to be more insane than Norman Bates to watch Psycho II but that’s just how crazy Brose and Stu are for the Chatflix audience in this weeks Chatflix Mini – Forgotten Sequels.

Master Brose and Master Stu drive to the secluded Master Bate’s Motel to talk about the sequel nobody asked for and everyone regretted.

The film was directed by Richard Franklin who went on to direct a film about a super intelligent murderous orangutan… which begs the question: Why didn’t the boys review THAT film?!

Meanwhile ask Mother if it’s ok and then join us as we Chatflix!

Episode 101: Mini Ep 7: Zathura – A space adventure

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Brose and Stu roll the dice on a brand new series of Chatflix Minis: Forgotten Sequels.

What did you love most about the second Jumanji film? Jack Black? The Rock? …Dax Shepherd?

No we’re not looking at Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle, instead but rather Zathura, the oft neglected and ignored sequel to Jumanji that leaves behind the name, cast and even titular board game to go into space with Dax Shepard Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Stewart.

So join us as we ask if this is a board game film or a bored game film in this week’s Chatflix!

Episode 100: The Phantom

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To celebrate the 100th episode of ChatFlix we have a mega-rotating-panel of ChatFlix regulars; Brose, Jade, Trevor, Stuart, Caity, Danielle, Dale, Jarrod and Looch!

Join us as we all don the purple tights and discuss the 1996 film The Phantom featuring Billy “not aged well” Zane, Treat “more ham than a christmas dinner” Williams and Catherine “So good why isn’t the whole film about her” Zeta Jones. So Chatflix with us as we slam evil, slam back cake and slam some truly terrible dialogue. …it’s not as messy as you would think!

Episode 99: Predator 2

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Jade, Stuart and Brose turn on their invisibility and roam the streets of Los Angels under the keen pursuit of prey. They would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky Danny Glover!

So join us as the streets run infrared with blood as we Chatflix about Predator 2.

Episode 98: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Jarrod, Looch, Shaun and Brose wander down into the sewers to rediscover the secret of the ooze… or mutagen… …or deep crust pepperoni pizza… or whatever it was that turned four turtles into teenage martial arts experts.

Does this 1990 film hold up or is it destined to live in in our nostalgic minds only?

Episode 97: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Brose, Jade, Jarrod and Dan O’Kelly have broken out of Azkaban and are on the lamb! Actually… Brose may just be eating the lamb… Mmm lamb… aaarglh…

As the the series gets darker and darker the gang asks why so Sirius?

How do we rate the third Harry Potter? Listen to find out.

Mini Ep 6: Breakdown

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Cinema has a grand history of men vs trucks including Spielberg’s classic Duel and this week Brose and Shaun join the convoy with 1997’s tense Breakdown where loving husband Kurt Russell goes head to head with J. T. Walsh. Do the boys wanna keep on truckin’ or do they want to pump the breaks? Find out as we Chatflix

Episode 95: Superman the movie

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Brose, Jarrod, Danielle and Trev gathered around a podcast to chat about Superman! The real Man of Steel deal! Christopher Reeve’s classic 1978 Superman.

You WILL believe a man can cry.. with tears of joy as we talk about the movie that was and will always be our Superman.

Richard Donner’s opus to the original superhero also stars a twinkling Gene Hackman, dazzling Margot Kidder and grandiose Marlon Brando. So find a phonebox, slip on the red underwear, hook on the cape and join us as we Chatflix.

Episode 94: Mini Ep 5: Cop Land

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This week Brose and Shaun pop over the Hudson River to hang out with the boys in blue on their home turf for the criminally under rated Cop Land! Stallone mumbles his way through his best performance alongside crime film legends DeNiro, Keitel and Liotta. If you liked Logan it’s worth hearing us talk about this forgotten early James Mangold directed classic.

Episode 93: Mini Ep 4: The Devil’s Advocate

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This week Brose and Shaun have a Mini chat about The Devil’s Advocate, the classic 1997 thriller.
Fun fact: The original title was the Faust and the Furious! Even funner fact: I put more effort into that pun than the screen writer put into the film.

Will Keanu be believable as a charming lawyer? Will Al Pacino ham it up with licking of lips and “hoohahing”? Will a young Charlize Theron steal the film? Only the devil knows, you will have to listen to find out!