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Episode 108: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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Brose, Jade, James and Guest Toby Truslove cram into a phone booth and travel back to 1989 to deliver a review of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to the students of San Dimas High!

Will Brose finally get to take Cleopatra to the Prom? Will Jade’s easy listening band “Myld Stalynz” make it big. Will Toby confuse this with Bogus Journey and spend the whole time waiting for Death to show up?

Find out how this film hold up 30 years into the future!

Episode 107: Mini Episode 10: Double Indemnity

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In this week’s mini episode, James and Brose sit down to chat the first of several Billy Wilder films; Double Indemnity. Who would have thought insurance fraud could eat his much fun!

Episode 106: Little Miss Sunshine

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Little Mr Chatfliix Brose, Mr Funny Matt, Miss Fashion Hayley and special guest Little Mr Logie Winner Dil Jayasinha all climb into the combi van and traverse the wonderful world of Little Miss Sunshine. A film full of wit, awkwardness, sadness and way more discussions about Proust than you would expect from a Steve Carrell film. So practice your pivot, tap. heel and shake as we Chatflix.

Episode 105: Mini Episode 9: Blair Witch 2

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Brose and Stu finish off the mini series looking at forgotten sequels. Do people remember the more expensive and less successful sequel to the Blair Witch Project? Directed by a documentary film maker but shot as a normal feature film… could this be the last of the good ideas? Tune in to find out!

Episode 104: The Mask

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Somebody stop us! Brose, Looch and Jarrod look behind the mask of how The Mask was made. Jim Carrey dials up the Looney Tunes, throws on the yellow zoot suit, and cranks up the swing tunes with femme fatale Cameron Diaz and villainous Peter Greene in a madcap live action cartoon adventure. Join the king of the Rumba beat and us as we chatflix.

Ep 103: Summer 2019 update

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Brose and Jarrod spend 15 mins chatting about the summer of films and whats coming up this year on ChatFlix.

Episode 102: Mini ep 8: Psycho II

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You would have to be more insane than Norman Bates to watch Psycho II but that’s just how crazy Brose and Stu are for the Chatflix audience in this weeks Chatflix Mini – Forgotten Sequels.

Master Brose and Master Stu drive to the secluded Master Bate’s Motel to talk about the sequel nobody asked for and everyone regretted.

The film was directed by Richard Franklin who went on to direct a film about a super intelligent murderous orangutan… which begs the question: Why didn’t the boys review THAT film?!

Meanwhile ask Mother if it’s ok and then join us as we Chatflix!

Episode 101: Mini Ep 7: Zathura – A space adventure

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Brose and Stu roll the dice on a brand new series of Chatflix Minis: Forgotten Sequels.

What did you love most about the second Jumanji film? Jack Black? The Rock? …Dax Shepherd?

No we’re not looking at Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle, instead but rather Zathura, the oft neglected and ignored sequel to Jumanji that leaves behind the name, cast and even titular board game to go into space with Dax Shepard Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Stewart.

So join us as we ask if this is a board game film or a bored game film in this week’s Chatflix!

Episode 100: The Phantom

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To celebrate the 100th episode of ChatFlix we have a mega-rotating-panel of ChatFlix regulars; Brose, Jade, Trevor, Stuart, Caity, Danielle, Dale, Jarrod and Looch!

Join us as we all don the purple tights and discuss the 1996 film The Phantom featuring Billy “not aged well” Zane, Treat “more ham than a christmas dinner” Williams and Catherine “So good why isn’t the whole film about her” Zeta Jones. So Chatflix with us as we slam evil, slam back cake and slam some truly terrible dialogue. …it’s not as messy as you would think!

Episode 99: Predator 2

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Jade, Stuart and Brose turn on their invisibility and roam the streets of Los Angels under the keen pursuit of prey. They would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky Danny Glover!

So join us as the streets run infrared with blood as we Chatflix about Predator 2.