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Episode 92: Hitman Hart – Wresting with Shadows with Julian James and Paul Richards

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Julian James, Paul Richards and Brose face off in the squared circle to chat about the documentary Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows. How real is the fake world of wrestling as presented by this unique documentary? The boys look behind the curtain and discuss how many punches land and how many punches are pulled…

Episode 91: Min Ep 3: The Edge

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Who would have thought that Anthony Hopkins was the right man for a U2 guitarist biopic, and Alec Baldwin as Bono?! Genius casting! What do you mean that’s not what this film is about? Oh ok..

Shaun and Brose delve further into the thrillers of 1997 taking Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins to The Edge! This David Mamet penned, Lee Tamahori helmed thriller is everything you can bear! Arguably Aussie Elle MacPherson’s greatest performance yet if you don’t count 1994’s Sports Illustrated promo video.

Episode 90: The Shadow

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A billionaire playboy who at night dons a cape and fights crime.

Nope we’re not looking at another Batman film, this week Jade, Brose and Classic Comics very own caped crusaders Jarrod and Looch are watching The Shadow!

Checking out what evil lurks in the hearts of men and descendants of Ghengis Khan is ridiculously skinny Alec Baldwin and his sexy gravelly voice rumbling through the amazingly corny dialogue as he fights the threat of atomic and box office bombs.

Lurk with him as we Chatflix

** Please note we have updated our numbering system to make it simpler for you to find episodes on your favourite podcasting app, incorporating bonus and mini eps into our regular numbering system.

Mini ep 2: Affliction

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Shaun returns to join Brose with another Chatflix Mini discussing the dark and brooding Affliction. Starring Nick Nolte, Willem Dafoe, Sissy Spacek and Our Man Flint himself: James Coburn. Affliction tells the story of a man’s obsessions taking control of him and destroying his life, the kind of story Paul Schrader has told time and time again.

Get obsessed with us as we Chat Affliction.

Episode 83: Die Hard

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Singlets and no shoes?! has Chatflix gone bogan?! No!

We’re celebrating Christmas early with TV Star Bruce Willis’ first breakout role, moonlighting as an action star in Die Hard. Brose, Shaun & Jarrod crawl through the film with a ho ho ho and a yippy kiyay while guest Adam Stolfo -Reel Chat- offers sage advice and twinkies as the Sargent Al Powel to our John McCLanes?

Put your Hans together and celebrate as we Chatflix.

Mini ep 1: The Game

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Brose and Shaun sit down for the first Chatflix Mini and play the Game. They’re not really sure how to play it and exactly who else is playing it. Brose isn’t even sure Shaun is real. It’s a bitesize dose of confusion and chat.

Episode 82: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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Brose, Stu, Looch, and Stephen “Junior” Rowley have chosen wisely by in their hunt for the cinematic holy grail. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

When Indy’s grail obsessed father Henry goes missing Indy doesn’t stop for a second in his hunt for his father and the grail. Well ok he stops once to pick up sexy german Dr. Elsa Schneider. and the Chatflix gang follow every twist and turn.

Episode 81: Bloodsport

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Brose, Shaun and Rian Goodge go underground and into the ring to fight each other over exactly how cool Bloodsport is.

Starring the Muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme in his firstand Beast from the East Bolo Yeung the film somehow became a cult phenom and spawned three sequels. But does the film kick butt or should just not give a Van Damme? Find out as we chat… flix.

Episode 80: My Neighbor Totoro with Andy Balloch

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It’s thirty years old but nothing fills you with childhood like wonder the way Miyazaki’s classic My Neighbour Totoro does. Professor Brose and his daughters Jade and Andy Balloch travel to 1958 rural Japan and fall into the luminescent world of giant spinning tops, the magic of soot spirits, wood spirits and magical creatures.

So grab your umbrella and join us on Catbus as we chat Totoro

Episode 79: Scarface

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Say hello to your little friends: Brose, Shaun, Matt and Caity as they gather around some white powder i can only assume is sherbet and chat about the iconic Scarface!

Scripted by Oliver Stone and directed by Brian De Palma with a cast including Godfather alumni Al Pacino and future puuuurfect Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer, Scarface is a cult classic that has inspired rappers, punk bands and innumerable bad impersonations..

Every dog has his day and today’s is Scarface.