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Episode 116: Supergirl the Movie

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Long before Captain Marvel marveled or Wonder Woman wondered and before Buffy The Vampire Slayer …well slayed, cinema was treated to – SUPERGIRL! And she’s straight outta Argo City.

Brose and henchmen Jarrod and Trev chat the Super 1984 spin off flick with Girl of Steel cosplayer and Supergirl Superfan – Corrine!! @supergirldiaries

Join us as get carried away by Supergirl Helen Slater, bewitched by Faye Dunaway, Spellbound by warlock Peter Cook, Drunk on Peter O’Toole’s hamming with a little pit stop in the Phantom Zone all for the sake of retrieving the Omegahedron, don’t worry, we promise it’ll all make sense.

So crack a bottle of Kandor beer as we Chatflix.

Episode 115: Mini Episode 14: Witness for the Prosecution

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Brose and James keep getting Wilder and Wilder as they chat Witness for the Prosecution. Billy Wilder’s Agatha Christie adaptation. You’ll have to listen to find out what they witness in this classic courtroom drama featuring Marlena Dietrich, Tyrone Power and Charles Laughton.

Last week we might have had the touch with Transformers but this week we have the Power.

Episode 114: Thelma & Louise

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It’s a Chatflix road trip! No stops until Mexico, so load up the car, the route is planned and we’ve got no time for pee breaks because Caity & Danielle are in Susan Sarandon’s drivers seat joined by Brose sitting on James’s lap in Geena Davis’ shotgun position and we’re gunning for Thelma & Louise. The 1991 Ridley Scott adventure about two best friends that create the selfie, or maybe not but they definitely take a photo of themselves well before the phrase is coined.

So join us as we Chatflix about the film with the greatest ever cliffhanger…

Episode 113: Mini Episode 13: The Apartment

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James moves in with Brose and refuses to clean or pay rent to chat The Apartment, Billy Wilder’s love triangle comedy starring Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray.

Episode 112: The Transformers: The Movie

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The Chatflix: The Podcast turns its attention on The Transformers: The Movie. The animated epic flick based on a cartoon based on a toy line. Brose is joined by the comic book guys, Jarrod, Looch and All Star Comics guest Mitch Davies to reminisce and roll out. Spoiler Alert: No ChatFlixers are killed off in this episode. Listen now and see if we have The Touch!

Episode 111: Mini Episode 12: Sunset Boulevard

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Brose and James chat about Sunset Blvd, Billy Wilder’s love letter to the silent era and the desperation of Hollywood. James brings the class of Keaton while Brose brings the desperation of Swanson!

Get ready for your close up of Sunset as we Chatflix!

Episode 110: Masters of the Universe

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Brose at Arms is joined by He-Shaun, Loochator and Evil-Jazz in the Castle of ChatFlix to revisit the 1987 live adaptation of Masters of the Universe! Grab a bucket of ribs and a casio keyboard as we sing its virtues and vices. Can Dolph Lundgren pull off the loin cloth look. Is Frank Langella’s Skeletor sexy enough? (answer: never enough). Is this the one where Courtney Cox gets up on stage and dances with Bruce Springsteen? Find out none of these answers and more when we Chatflix!

Episode 109: Mini Episode 11: Some Like It Hot

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Brose and James, on the lam from Chicago gangsters, slip into dresses to discuss Some Like it Hot. The second in the ongoing series looking at the work of legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder. Starring ALL Like It Hot Marilyn Monroe, A Bunch like it Hot Tony Curtis and None Like It Hot Jack Lemon there’s a whole lot to enjoy so join us as we Chatflix

Episode 108: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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Brose, Jade, James and Guest Toby Truslove cram into a phone booth and travel back to 1989 to deliver a review of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to the students of San Dimas High!

Will Brose finally get to take Cleopatra to the Prom? Will Jade’s easy listening band “Myld Stalynz” make it big. Will Toby confuse this with Bogus Journey and spend the whole time waiting for Death to show up?

Find out how this film hold up 30 years into the future!

Episode 107: Mini Episode 10: Double Indemnity

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In this week’s mini episode, James and Brose sit down to chat the first of several Billy Wilder films; Double Indemnity. Who would have thought insurance fraud could eat his much fun!