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Episode 48: A League of their own with Michala Banas and Toby Truslove

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During World War II, while all the troops were fighting that Hitler fella, there was nobody left to play baseball. You would think that was a good thing but America is odd, so they formed a women’s league… to see if it was baseball that was boring or the fact men were playing it… or something… Our very own league of left fields, pinch hitters and base stealers assemble on the Chatflix pitchers mound to talk about the film about those women. With not one, but two guest panelists; Upper Moddle Bogan star Michala Banas and Utopia’s Toby Truslove joining Brose and Danielle. A League of Their Own may smack our team out of the park or we may think it’s a foul ball.

Episode 47: Predator

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After a few weeks of films about aliens the Chatflix team settle down to a nice film set on Earth.

Two Governors (Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jesse Ventura) and CIA agent Apollo Creed are hired by the U.S. government to secretly rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala. But when they land in Central America the crew discovers they are being hunted by a brutal creature with superhuman strength and the ability to disappear into its surroundings.. Son of a B. Another alien!

They call it The Sneakeratoir…No wait! The Hunteringtor? How about the Predator? That works!

Directed by action movie virtuoso John Mc Teirnan, the film spawned sequels, reboots as well as crossing over to the Alien universe so settle in, switch on your heat vision and enjoy as we get all hot and excited about Predator.

Episode 46: Alien – Covenant

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Ridley Scott returns to tell the story of-SHHHH! Whatever you do don’t tell Trev! He hasn’t seen it yet! He’s definitely not listening to this episode which is choc full of Covenant convo and spoilers! Someone told him Stu, Brose and Caity were on this ep and that was already too big a spoiler!

He hopes this film is the Men in Black / Aliens crossover he’s been hoping for.

Episode 45: Prometheus

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The progenitor of the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott, returns to reveal the origins of the perfect killing machine as well as the origins of the Weyland-Yutani company, personally I’m hoping it’s less mayhem and acid blood and more corporate financial structuring, bylaws and tax concessions.

Will there be eggs? will there be drooling creatures? Yes there will be and that’s just the pre-Chatflix recording breakfast! Join Jade, Brose, Caity and an android version of Stu as we explore Prometheus.

Episode 44: Spider-Man 2002

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Jade’s on the show and Brose is the man,
Does whatever a co-host can.
Can he swing from a web?
Of course he can’t but Spider-Man can!
Look out! Here Comes a Spider-Maaaan!

Your friendly neighbourhood Chatflix team including Trev and Shaun swing back into action to talk about Sam Raimi’s beloved 2002 version of Spider-Man 15 years after its release and just a few months before we get yet another reboot!

Does it hit the heights that a wall crawler should climb, Does it measure up to the legacy of the comic? Who created Spider-Man anyway? All this and more is discussed with the same enthusiasm J. Jonah Jameson has for a headline!

Episode 43: Alien Resurrection

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We all thought Ripley was dead. We all hoped she was because otherwise it meant this film existed. Unfortunately it does so we’ve created clones of ourselves to talk about this Joss Whedon penned… something.

Ripley is back as a ultimate alien killing machine after being revived as a part alien clone of herself (don’t try and understand it, just go with it). This time she’s joined by space pirates! Space pirates including the eternal waif Wynona Rider and Hellboy himself Ron Perlman!

Join us as we climb through vents, tunnels and massive plotholes to talk about Alien Ressurection!

Is this a film with which you should f#%*?

Episode 42: Father of the Bride

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Trev isn’t sure he’s ever seen this film. Steve Martin is in it. His character’s name is probably George. He looks like a George. Trev also thought there was a flamboyant character played by Balky from Perfect Strangers, Brose informs him that it’s actually Martin Short. Trev can tell you it’s about a wedding. George’s son/daughter is getting married to someone. He’s relatively confident that hilarity ensues with just the right amount of saccharine sweetness. He also suspects there’s a scene where someone goes to the bathroom and there’s a wedding swan in the bath! HA!

You know who HAS seen this film? Brose, Jade, Leisl and Michael Chamberlin. Join them as they look at the 1991 film Father of the Bride.

Episode 41: Aladdin

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Brose, Jade, Caity and Trev, Chatflix’s four street rats brave the streets Agrabad to look at the story of Aladdin, the Disney classic animated film that may be the most singalongable film ever made!
With the irrepressible Robin Williams as the magically loveable Genie and songs by Mencken, Ashman & Rice, you ain’t never had friends like us.

Episode 40: Alien 3

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David Fincher presents his vision of the ultimate warrior woman: Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley! This time it’s in a space prison and those hardened criminals have nothing on the Ripper. The biggest fight club, however, happened behind the scenes. 8 writers vs the producers!

Join Stu, Brose, Caity, and Danielle on the space chain gang as they try to avoid dropping the soap while the Xenomorphs are around.

Episode 39.5: Bonus MICF episode!

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Chatflix talks to Georgina the Bride and Watson live from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival about their love of films and their hilarious shows.