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Episode 72: Heathers

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The Chatflix gang go back to the 80s and high school to chat about Heathers.

High school can be cruel, but not as cruel as Christian Slater’s J.D who wreaks vengeance on the cool kids of school and it’s up to Winona Ryder to stop him, if she wants to…

Heather Brose, Heather Danielle, Kirsty O’Connor and Jarrod Welsh gather around the cool kids table to talk about one of our most quotable films ever. I wasn’t invited to sit at the table but that’s fine. I don’t mind. Not at all…

Now where did I put my poison.

Episode 71: Batman Forever

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It’s a well known fact that the third film in a trilogy is always the best. Just look at Godfather part III! And so we arrive at the third in the Batman 89 series, Batman Forever. Val Kilmer takes over the cowl from Michael Keaton as Joel Schumacher replaces Burton’s gothic quirky Gotham for a gonzo neon madness. But stealing the show are the two villains: the screenwriters (and also the Riddler and Two Face).

So time to answer the riddle did Brose, Trev and comedian Angus Brown like it? Yes, no, or will we toss a coin and be two faced about it?

Episode 70: White House Down

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When the White House (Secret Service Code: “Black Olympus”) is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former Presidential Secret Service Agent “Magic” Mike Banning finds himself trapped within the building.

Or something? I do get this and Olympus Has Fallen confused. Is this the one where there’s only one guy in the White House who can team up with a far too young president and they both fight off an elite terrorist group?

Brose, Shaun Crawford and Tamzen Hayes watched the film so they can talk about whether it’s Channing Tatum or Gerard Butler’s team up with either either Ray Charles or Two Face in this weeks ep: White Olympus House Has Fallen Down.

Episode 69: The Last Action Hero

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Brose a grabbed magic golden ticket and before we could tell him it wasn’t for a chocolate factory he’d rushed headlong into the classic action film satire The Last Action Hero!

I’m not gonna lie. This film is straight up awesome. It’s an action film that expects the audience to have seen Amadeus and features Charles Dance as the villain and Arnie playing both himself AND a parody of himself! I mean why didn’t they use that tech for Twins! He looks exactly like himself!

Joining Brose are Captain Matt ‘retiring tomorrow’ O’Neil, Detective Kirsty ‘I’m too old for this shit’ O’Connor and Seargent Adam ‘Make my day’ Stolfo.

We’re loose cannons and we’re about to blow.. your minds.

Episode 68: Young Einstein

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Ben Kingsley playing Ghandi, Nicole Kidman playing Virginia Woolf, Sean Penn playing Harvey Milk. The list of actors who won oscars playing real people is long.. but not long enough. There is a notable, and frankly shameful exclusion from that list. Yahoo Serious for his spellbinding performance of Young Einstein!

Well we can’t make up for that indignity but we can celebrate his genius in with our way: by chatting about it with Man Bites God!

Remember those guys? Not only are they an amazing comedy band that also do a hilarious podcast called they Theatre of the World but they are also our go to team when we need to talk about the creme de la creme of cinema, they last joined us for the Love Guru.

So split an atom, pour a beer and join us for Young Einstein.

Episode 67: Blade

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Brose is cool, His mum says so, but he will never be Wesley Snipes as a vampire hunter hanging with Kris Kristofferson cool. It’s something he has to live with but Chatflix has decided to rub salt into the wounds by talking about the CLASSIC Blade film. He’s joined by Jarrod and Looch as they talk about the forgotten superhero film. Before Raimi’s Spider-Man, before Singer’s X-Men there was Blade!

Episode 66: Wayne’s World 2

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I was standing in a desert. A strange Native American man stood almost naked in front of me. He could have worn pants, really it was a bit much.

With me were Brose, Stu, Hayley Butcher and Kat Mroz.

“Make a Chatflix episode about a movie. About a concert. Run by a guy called Wayne.” he said in his deep baritone.

“Could you be more specific?” we asked. “I mean there are so many of those”

A single tear rolled down his face. “Wayne’s World 2” he sighed.

“Party on” we nodded sagely.

Episode 65: The Last Jedi

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We say farewell to this season of Chatflix (we’ll be back soon) and to Carrie Fisher as we talk about Star Wars the Last Jedi. Brose, Shaun, James Hazelden and Julian James gather in a Galaxy Far Far Away to discuss the First Order’s assault on the Rebellion and the war for the souls of Ben Solo and Renas the Skywalker legacy looms large.

Episode 64: The Muppet Christmas Carol

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring ‘cept Rizzo the mouse.
Scrooge slept in his bed played by Michael bleedin’ Caine,
When the Marleys visited wrapped in their chains.
They spoke of a night filled with three haunting spectres,
All played by muppets with Brian Henson as director.
Kermit was Bob Cratchit and Piggy his wife,
Gonzo as Dickens narrating Scrooge’s strife.
And gathered round the table reviewing this flick,
Was Brose, Jade, Matt and Trev (Stu was sick).
Did we like the songs, does the film deserve it’s rep?
Only way to tell is to download this ep.

Merry Christmas from the team at Chatflix.

Episode 63: Conan the Barbarian

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By Crom! We’re finally reviewing Conan the Barbarian! Arnie pays the title character who seeks revenge on James Earl Jones character ‘Doom’ for the death of his parents… wait.. that’s Batman’s origin! Is Conan really Batman? The Chatflix set out for Cimmeria to find the answer to this question.. and only this question on this weeks ep!