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Episode 20: Fellowship of the Ring.

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Echo assembles her own fellowship to endure the gruelling task of watching part one of Peter Jackson’s hobbit filled Lord of the Rings saga.

They say you don’t simply walk to Mordor but jeez there’s a of walking in this film! We get it Peter! New Zealand is pretty! Now get to the damn Balrog!



Episode 19: Big Trouble in Little China.

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The Chatflix team (Echo, Brose, Trev and Danielle) climb into the Porkchop Express with Jack Burton to dissect Big Trouble in Little China with all the physical prowess, intellectual wit and overall effectiveness of Kurt Russell’s Ol’ Jack himself.

So sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we’re not back by dawn… call the President.



Episode 18: Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

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Brad, George, Matt, …. and 8 other guys decide to rob a casino and steal our hearts in the stylish caper film Ocean’s Eleven

Echo, Brose assemble Tamzen and Samantha to create Chatflix’s Four to look at Soderbergh’s all star remake. All-star if you consider Scott Caan and the nerdy computer guy ‘stars’.


Episode 17: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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Oompa Loopma doompety doo,
Look what the Chatflix crew has for you,
What do we think of this Gene Wilder flick?
Do Matt, Brose and Echo give it a tick?
Injuries haunted every kid cast
Flim laws were much easier in the past.
For all our thoughts just listen to us,
Oompa Loompa bibbity bus!


Episode 16: Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

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Ever found a talking plant from outer space that eats humans that helped you get respect at work and help you get the girl of your dreams…

Echo, Brose, Trev and Matt get together to chat about a young guy called Seymour that DID find a mean green mutha from outer space in Little Shop of Horrors.

Frank Oz directed an amazing cast of comedy legends including Rick Moranis, Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Jim Belushi as well as Ellen Greene for a rollicking musical adventure. Even grumpy old musical hater Matt loves this film


Episode 15: Hook

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A stellar combination of master storyteller and the childlike craziness of Robin Williams as they boy who never grows up, Peter Pan, should be a great Hook for a film (see what we did there?) but was there enough fairy dust sprinkled to provide this film with the magic it needed?

Join Brose, Echo, Stu and Caity get together to talk about the good, the bad and the sublime (Bob Hoskins)

Episode 14: It’s A Wonderful Life

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Every time a bell rings Chatflix had another episode and this week’s episode wants to give you the moon.

Jade, Brose, Stu and writer/film critic Stephen Rowley pour themselves some eggnog and talk about the Frank Capra favourite, It’s Wonderful Life. Life is better with Chatflix.

Episode 13: Batman the Movie (1966)

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The most batusi-ed film to ever slide down a batpole into our hearts.

Jade, Brose, Trev and Lucas Testro, director of the brilliant short film Capes get together to wax lyrical of the greatest Batman ever. Say what you want about Nolan’s trilogy but in one film Adam West and Burt Ward fight off sharks, fight FOUR villains and saved baby ducks, nuns, young lovers, a marching band AND the entire World Council! Bale couldn’t even save his girlfriend!

Episode 12: All The President’s Men

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With characters like Tricky Dicky and Deep Throat you would be forgiven for thinking this weeks episode was a total smut-fest but instead Jade, Brose, Stu and Nick Coe get all cultured and political and talk about the classic Redford/Hoffman drama All the President’s Men.

Based on the true story of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s investigation into the 1972 break in at the Watergate Hotel that lead to Nixon’s resignation the film follows the two reporters as they gather sources that aren’t twitter quotes, do thorough research and don’t do a single list article. They are practically unrecognisable from modern journalists.

Nick’s Guilty Pleasure

We haven’t seen this film so it’s unfair to judge Nick too harshly so we think we should be lenient and just give Nick thirty five life sentences. Zac Efron and De Niro are the comedy duo that nobody demanded and yet somehow we got, We’re assuming Efron plays the title role.

Episode 11: Labyrinth

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It’s 1986 and Jim Henson’s camera lingers lovingly on a shot of David Bowies crotch. It captivates the world and 30 years later Brose, Jade, Stu and muppets guru and Project producer KB Barker gather to talk about the not-at-all creepy story of a 14 year old girl being wooed by a grown man in leggings

We discuss the amazing world of the Labyrinth filled with Brian Froud’s delightful creatures under the direction of Jim Henson.

Mainly we talk about Bowie. You want to know why? Because he’s the flippin Goblin King that’s why!

KB’s Guilty Pleasure

Long before we willingly posted our every movement on social media films such as Enemy of the State fed off our big brother paranoia by pairing professional curmudgeon Gene Hackman with Will Smith impersonator; Will Smith. together they destroyed phones, wrapped their heads in foil and ran away from satellites. We’re going to find KB not guilty because this film is stylishly directed by Tony Scott. Enjoy.