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Episode 242 Psycho

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with Danielle Chau, Stuart Wilson, James Hazelden and Brose Avard

We all go a little mad sometimes and some of us are crazy for the flick about a secretary on the run, who checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the control of his overbearing mother. ChatFlix has finally gone Psycho (1960).

Folling Dial M For Murder (Episode 126) and Rear Window (Episode 154), Alfred Hitchcock would light up cinemas once again with a whole other kind of movie going experience and further cement his role in popular culture.

Join Danielle as she checks into The Brose Motel and meets its shy proprietor Stu but where exactly is James in all this?

Don’t give away the ending – it’s the only one we have! Check in, get comfortable and enjoy a shower with our latest episode TODAY!

Episode 241 What We’ve Been Watching with Tom Whitty

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with Tom Whitty and Brose Avard

This week Brose catches up with former Managing Editor of The Project, artist and musician Tom Whitty.

Tom has just started watching one of Brose’s favourite shows and, to be honest, Brose gets a little too excited.

If you are curious about Tom’s art check out:


Episode 240 Crocodile Dundee

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with Matt O’Neil, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

This week we chat about the Movie that Started it All! Well, Paul Hogan’s issues with the Australian Tax Office anyway! Crocodile Dundee is the film that gave us the iconic character Mick J Dundee and 3 unnecessary sequels.

A whole generation of Aussies grew up knowing him as the cheeky larrikin TV comedian, Hoges. The world would help make him the star of what his still Australia’s highest grossing film here in Oz.

With Brose Avard as your guide and Jarrod Welsh wearing the Crocodile tooth hat, I guess that means Matt O’Neil will be bending down into the billabong wearing a tight, black one piece?

Download now to find out how we find the original Crocodile Dundee 34 years later.

Episode 239 What We’ve Been watching with Dan Ilic

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with Dan Ilic and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with comedian, podcaster and TV producer Dan Ilic.

We find out what he’s been up to and, of course, what he’s been watching!

Check out Dan’s podcast, A Rational Fear:


And his amazing Audible series, Riot Act:


Episode 238 What We’ve Been Watching with Dave O’Neil

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with Dave O’Neil and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with comedian and podcast host Dave O’Neil about what he’s been doing, what he’s been eating and what he’s been watching.

Check out Dave’s great podcasts via the link below!

Episode 237 Enter the Dragon

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with Danielle Chau, Adam Thomas, Harry Wall and Brose Avard

In the 1970s Bruce Lee and Raymond Chow set out to make the film that would change martial arts films forever: Enter the Dragon.

Its affect on pop culture is immeasurable. From Bruce Lee rip offs to Blacksploitation Kung Fu films to video games to movies based on those video games and beyond. Everything can be traced back to one film: Enter the Dragon.

This week Brose sits down with Danielle Chau, Adam Thomas and Harry Wall to talk about Bruce Lee’s greatest film: They Still Call Me Bruce. No, sorry, Enter the Dragon!

Check out more of guest Harry Wall’s film reviews:


Episode 236 What We’ve Been Watching with Lehmo

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with Lehmo and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with comedian and broadcaster Lehmo. A wander through what Lehmo has been watching over the last few months and some tasty recommendations!

Today (Wednesday 7th October 2020) marks the final day of the inaugural Pick the Flick voting which enable our listeners to choose the film we will review for the upcoming 250th episode. Make sure you head to our social media (@chatflixpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and place your vote for this auspicious occasion.

Episode 235 Flying High! (Airplane!) with Man Bites God

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with Chris Tomkins, Mark Woodward, James Hazelden and Brose Avard

Somewhere between Los Angeles and Chicago the pilots of a domestic flight fall sick at the zero hour and only one man can ensure that a plane lands safely and he’s afraid of flying! It’s 1980’s Jim Abrahams, David Zucker & Jerry Zucker  visually and verbally, punny, gaggy comedy flick, Airplane! …or as we know it in Australia; Flying High! 

The plane’s going to Chicago but Brose is bound for New York and the guys from Man Bites God are going to pieces!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a choice of steak or fish for dinner. The Captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign, and you may now move freely about the cabin. Pop your portable electronic devices into your ears and listen to our latest episode TODAY!!

ChatFlix Episode 234 What We’ve Been Watching with Charlie Pickering

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with Charlie Pickering, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a wee chat with The Weekly host Charlie Pickering. What has Charlie been watching? Have a listen and find out!

Get some more Pickering in your life @:


We are also in the final days of Pick the Flick; make sure you vote for the film for our 250th episode.

Episode 233 Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

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with Shaun Crawford, Luciano Parissi, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

Don’t fear The Reaper! After Bill and Ted Excellently made history and long before they’d Face The Music, they WERE history when Bill and Ted go to hell in 1991’s non-non-non-non-NON-Heinous; Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reprise their Wyld Stallyns personas in a sequel penned by the fathers of Bill and Ted; Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, finding the duo running all around the afterlife, below AND above!

The best place to be is HERE with Brose and Shaun on Chatflix, and the best time to be is NOW when they’re joined by Looch and Jazz.

Be Excellent to each other and pop in your headphones and listen to our latest episode today. STATION!!