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Episode 248 Die Hard 2: Die Harder

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wth Shaun Crawford, Luciano Parissi, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

When rogue military operatives seize control of Washington DC’s International Airport only the same guy in the wrong place at the wrong time can save the day…  ..again! 

Brose, Shaun, Jarrod and with assistance from Looch, will need a little more than 58 Minutes to chat about great action flicks, good movie sequels, horrible car battery commercials, Pirate movie directors and all the other ingredients that make up the second instalment of the Die Hard franchise.

All outgoing flights have been delayed, incoming flights are circling waiting to land and you have a fully charged phone (or whatever you use to listen to podcasts). So, while John McClane Dies Harder than he did in 1988 (without ever actually dying, plug us into your ears and listen to our latest episode TODAY!

Episode 247 What We’ve Been Watching with Sam Cairnduff

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with Samuel Cairnduff, Man Bites God and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with Samuel Cairnduff, Director of Marketing and Communications with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

A fun conversation about how the TSO has dealt with the pandemic, how live film score concerts are produced and what Sam has been watching during Hobart’s brief lockdown.

Also,  for Part One of the ChatFlix Podcast Festival we drop into Theatre of the World from the guys from Man Bites God. Theatre of the World is a short series of scripted comedy and songs, we hope you enjoy the clip as much as we do.

AND don’t forget to hit up @chatflixpodcast on Facebook, Twitter or IG to help us Pick the Trilogy. We are asking our listeners to suggest trilogies that are missing from our library so that we can then vote on which trilogy we review soon on ChatFlix.

Episode 246 The Adventures of Tintin

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with Stephen Hall, Stuart Wilson, Stephen Rowley and Brose Avard

Is it true that Tintin was based on the intellect and boyish charm of Stuart? That Haddock is a thinly veiled cartoon of Brose? And are the Thompson Twins merely the Stephen Twins? No, not at all. That’s ridiculous and such speculation has no place in the blurb for this episode!

What IS this week’s film for discussion? If you haven’t guessed (or read it in iTunes when you clicked on the episode) maybe you shouldn’t listen to ChatFlix?

It is The Adventures of Tintin!! Stephen Spielberg (the Stephen triplets?) and Peter Jackson’s combined effort to adapt Tintin and make an Indiana Jones movie without Indiana Jones.

Download now to find out how we think the movie panned out.

Episode 245 What We’ve Been Watching with Craig Pringle

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with Craig Pringle and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with another colleague from his days at The Project; audio engineer and camera operator Craig Pringle.

Recently Craig has become a father, worked hard establishing his production company with is lovely partner Mel and has been running around chasing renovating couples on The Block! He also managed to watch some tv as well!

For more information about Black Fox Productions hit up:

Episode 244 Tarzan (1999)

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with Kayla Coombs, Isabella Valette, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

When a man discovers he is a human raised by gorillas he must decide to which of the two worlds he belongs.

Beat your chest and let out almighty YELL!! We’re chatting the immortal legend, as only Disney can imagine; Tarzan (1999).

Brose takes us on a Jungle Cruise spotting Elephants, Jaguars and Phil Collins – OH MY! With comedian Isabella Valette and illustrator Kayla Coombs while Jazz is left behind Trashin’ The Camp (Shooby doop dobby dop dobby doop dobby dah dah doo dap).

Fasten your loincloth, find a quiet spot in your treehouse, pop in your headphones and listen to our latest episode TODAY!

Episode 243 What We’ve Been Watching with Ged Wood

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with Ged Wood and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with TV producer Ged Wood.

Ged and Brose worked together many years ago on Letters and Numbers for SBS. Ged has also worked on The Block, Spicks and Specks and The Masked Singer.

Ged is now producing the podcast There Will Be a Test with Dave Thornton (available where all great podcasts are available!):

Episode 242 Psycho

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with Danielle Chau, Stuart Wilson, James Hazelden and Brose Avard

We all go a little mad sometimes and some of us are crazy for the flick about a secretary on the run, who checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the control of his overbearing mother. ChatFlix has finally gone Psycho (1960).

Folling Dial M For Murder (Episode 126) and Rear Window (Episode 154), Alfred Hitchcock would light up cinemas once again with a whole other kind of movie going experience and further cement his role in popular culture.

Join Danielle as she checks into The Brose Motel and meets its shy proprietor Stu but where exactly is James in all this?

Don’t give away the ending – it’s the only one we have! Check in, get comfortable and enjoy a shower with our latest episode TODAY!

Episode 241 What We’ve Been Watching with Tom Whitty

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with Tom Whitty and Brose Avard

This week Brose catches up with former Managing Editor of The Project, artist and musician Tom Whitty.

Tom has just started watching one of Brose’s favourite shows and, to be honest, Brose gets a little too excited.

If you are curious about Tom’s art check out:


Episode 240 Crocodile Dundee

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with Matt O’Neil, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

This week we chat about the Movie that Started it All! Well, Paul Hogan’s issues with the Australian Tax Office anyway! Crocodile Dundee is the film that gave us the iconic character Mick J Dundee and 3 unnecessary sequels.

A whole generation of Aussies grew up knowing him as the cheeky larrikin TV comedian, Hoges. The world would help make him the star of what his still Australia’s highest grossing film here in Oz.

With Brose Avard as your guide and Jarrod Welsh wearing the Crocodile tooth hat, I guess that means Matt O’Neil will be bending down into the billabong wearing a tight, black one piece?

Download now to find out how we find the original Crocodile Dundee 34 years later.

Episode 239 What We’ve Been watching with Dan Ilic

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with Dan Ilic and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with comedian, podcaster and TV producer Dan Ilic.

We find out what he’s been up to and, of course, what he’s been watching!

Check out Dan’s podcast, A Rational Fear:


And his amazing Audible series, Riot Act: