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Episode 256 Looking Forward to 2021

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with Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

This week Brose and Jarrod sit down to discuss what’s coming up on ChatFlix for 2021.

We also chat about new releases potentially coming out this year; in theatres or on streaming (or both?) and the semi finals of Pick the Trilogy!

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Episode 255 Looking Back at 2020

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with Jarrod Welsh, Angus Brown and Brose Avard

Brose is joined by Jazz and Ango to look back at the wild year that was 2020.

A few fave film lists and a few more tv programs we loved in 2020.

Do you have a top 3 or 5 films from the year? Let us know: @chatflixpodcast (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) or www.chatflixpodcast.com.au

Episode 254 First Blood

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with Shaun Crawford, Matt O’Neill and Brose Avard

Brose, a veteran Green Beret, is forced by Sheriff Shaun and his deputies to flee into the mountains and wage an escalating one-man war against his pursuers. Can Colonel Matt talk him down without further death and destruction? Probably not…

This week we chat all things Rambo. No, not the apple! The movie! Interesting fact; the only Rambo movie that doesn’t have the name Rambo in the title… First Blood. (ok, not that interesting)

Download this week’s episode to see what we thought of the 1982 classic with Sylvester Stallone, Brian Dennehy and Richard Crenna.

Episode 253 What We’ve Been Watching with Chris Walker

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with Chris Walker and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with Chris Walker, producer of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering and Hard Quiz about his 2020.

We also discuss his new podcast, Brains Trust;


AND don’t forget to vote on ChatFlix social media for your favourite trilogy in out most recent Pick the Flick. The winning trilogy, or part there of, will be coming up on ChatFlix in 2021.

Episode 252 Mallrats

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with Trevor Wood, Cable Sage, Aaron Carroll and Brose Avard

Dumped by their partners, two buddies take a trip to their local shopping centre.. ahem, mall. They’re not there to shop. They’re not there to work. We’re here to chat all things Kevin Smith’s Mallrats (1995).

Snootchie Bootchies! 

The second film in the View Askew-niverse but chronologically a day before Clerks and maybe coincidentally enough, our FIRST Kevin Smith chat. BROSE stink-palms (just kidding, we’re still social distancing) Trev, Cable & Aaron Carroll (on debut) as they break down topless fortune telling, dating game shows and Stan Lee. Yep! You better believe it True Believer, THAT Stan Lee!! Excelsior!

So, before Jaws pops out of the water, grab your headphones, grab a cookie from the Cookie Stand and fill up your cup with Coke (No Ice) and listen to our NEWEST episode TODAY

Episode 251 What We’ve Been Watching

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with Rhys Salmon and Brose Avard

ChatFlix is back!

After a couple of weeks off recovering from our massive 250th (and celebrations!) we have another chat lined up!

Brose sits down with Rhys Salmon, former Network Ten floor manager, actor and writer about what he’s been doing in 2020, where his career is heading now and, of course, what he’s been watching!

And we enjoy a clip from Nic, Tys and Videotape as a part of the ChatFLix Podcast Festival!

You can check out the whole show at:


Also, Pick the Flick: Trilogy Edition voting has begun on our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) so hit us: @chatflixpodcast

Episode 250th Starship Troopers

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with Caitlin Ferrier, Stuart Wilson, Angus Brown, Danielle Chau, Trevor Wood, Jarrod Welsh, Luciana Parissi and Brose Avard

We asked YOU to Pick the Flick for our 250th episode and this time it’s WAR! In the year 2197 mankind is locked in an interstellar war with an alien insectoid species in Paul Verhoevan’s Sci-Fi Action Adventure flick; Starship Troopers (1997) 

…want to know more…? 

It’s Klendathu or bust! And BROSE has assembled his own team of Roughnecks when Stu, Caity and Angus chat themselves into the first wave of attack until the cavalry arrives in the form of James, Looch, Trev, Danielle and Jarrod!

When it comes to podcasting BROSE only has two rules – 
Everybody Chats
No One Quits (Listening)

We will not stop chatting, well, until we die or you find a better pod! So, pop us in your ears, grab a spot on the frontline of the new frontier and help us celebrate our 250th Chat TODAY!

Episode 249 What We’ve Been Watching with David Astle

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with David Astle, I Drink Your Podcast and Brose Avard

This week, for our 249th episode, Brose has a chat with broadcaster and writer David Astle.

Find out what David has been reading and watching during 2020, some great recommendations to be heard.

Also, we visit I Drink Your Podcast as a part of the ChatFlix Podcast Festival. For more informations and to listen visit:


Don’t forget to head to our socials, @chatflixpodcast, to make suggestions for our Pick the Trilogy poll, soon to be launched on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Episode 248 Die Hard 2: Die Harder

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wth Shaun Crawford, Luciano Parissi, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

When rogue military operatives seize control of Washington DC’s International Airport only the same guy in the wrong place at the wrong time can save the day…  ..again! 

Brose, Shaun, Jarrod and with assistance from Looch, will need a little more than 58 Minutes to chat about great action flicks, good movie sequels, horrible car battery commercials, Pirate movie directors and all the other ingredients that make up the second instalment of the Die Hard franchise.

All outgoing flights have been delayed, incoming flights are circling waiting to land and you have a fully charged phone (or whatever you use to listen to podcasts). So, while John McClane Dies Harder than he did in 1988 (without ever actually dying, plug us into your ears and listen to our latest episode TODAY!

Episode 247 What We’ve Been Watching with Sam Cairnduff

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with Samuel Cairnduff, Man Bites God and Brose Avard

This week Brose has a chat with Samuel Cairnduff, Director of Marketing and Communications with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

A fun conversation about how the TSO has dealt with the pandemic, how live film score concerts are produced and what Sam has been watching during Hobart’s brief lockdown.

Also,  for Part One of the ChatFlix Podcast Festival we drop into Theatre of the World from the guys from Man Bites God. Theatre of the World is a short series of scripted comedy and songs, we hope you enjoy the clip as much as we do.

AND don’t forget to hit up @chatflixpodcast on Facebook, Twitter or IG to help us Pick the Trilogy. We are asking our listeners to suggest trilogies that are missing from our library so that we can then vote on which trilogy we review soon on ChatFlix.