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ChatFlix Mini Wait Until Dark

ChatFlix Mini Wait Until Dark

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Brose and Stu round out chatting enclosed space thrillers with a classic; Wait Until Dark. Audrey Hepburn alongside a very young Alan Arkin and Richard Crenner.

In this week’s Chatflix Mini, Brose and Stu will have to wait until dark and sneak into Audrey Hepburn’s apartment in search of a heroin stuffed doll. Don;t ask why, just because! While you wait, they’ll chat about Terence Young’s 1967 non-James Bond Enclosed Space Thriller flick – Wait Until Dark.

With a Home Alone Hepburn and not so wet bandits Richard Crenna, Jack Weston, and a very young Alan Arkin supported by (close you eyes and listen for Batman Animated Series butler Alfred) Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 

Remember to get done before morning guys, they say Hepburn has plans for breakfast.

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