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Episode 10: Highlander

Episode 10: Highlander

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There can be only…. umm four? Join Jade, Brose, Stu and stuntman, and brother of Jade, Rian as they talk about the film Highlander! The Frenchman plays a Scottish dude, the Scot plays an Egyptian Spaniard, Brian May plays a mean guitar on the soundtrack and Stuart plays the pedant.

We discuss swordfights, backflips and how there were a bunch of sequels so clearly they were lying about only being one.

Or download the episode here.

Stuart’s Guilty Pleasure

Long before Zac Snyder destroyed our enjoyment of Batman and Superman the style over substance director decided to suck all the fun out of the idea of hot chicks dressed as school girls kicking ass. Seriously. That’s almost a superpower! Stu however can’t be convinced and thinks that this dream within a dream film is the film Inception wishes it could be. Is he wrong? Only time will te-YES of course he is! Guilty. Lock him up and throw away the key.

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