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Episode 11: Labyrinth

Episode 11: Labyrinth

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It’s 1986 and Jim Henson’s camera lingers lovingly on a shot of David Bowies crotch. It captivates the world and 30 years later Brose, Jade, Stu and muppets guru and Project producer KB Barker gather to talk about the not-at-all creepy story of a 14 year old girl being wooed by a grown man in leggings

We discuss the amazing world of the Labyrinth filled with Brian Froud’s delightful creatures under the direction of Jim Henson.

Mainly we talk about Bowie. You want to know why? Because he’s the flippin Goblin King that’s why!

KB’s Guilty Pleasure

Long before we willingly posted our every movement on social media films such as Enemy of the State fed off our big brother paranoia by pairing professional curmudgeon Gene Hackman with Will Smith impersonator; Will Smith. together they destroyed phones, wrapped their heads in foil and ran away from satellites. We’re going to find KB not guilty because this film is stylishly directed by Tony Scott. Enjoy.

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