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Episode 116: Supergirl the Movie

Episode 116: Supergirl the Movie

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Long before Captain Marvel marveled or Wonder Woman wondered and before Buffy The Vampire Slayer …well slayed, cinema was treated to – SUPERGIRL! And she’s straight outta Argo City.

Brose and henchmen Jarrod and Trev chat the Super 1984 spin off flick with Girl of Steel cosplayer and Supergirl Superfan – Corrine!! @supergirldiaries

Join us as get carried away by Supergirl Helen Slater, bewitched by Faye Dunaway, Spellbound by warlock Peter Cook, Drunk on Peter O’Toole’s hamming with a little pit stop in the Phantom Zone all for the sake of retrieving the Omegahedron, don’t worry, we promise it’ll all make sense.

So crack a bottle of Kandor beer as we Chatflix.

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