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Episode 12: All The President’s Men

Episode 12: All The President’s Men

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With characters like Tricky Dicky and Deep Throat you would be forgiven for thinking this weeks episode was a total smut-fest but instead Jade, Brose, Stu and Nick Coe get all cultured and political and talk about the classic Redford/Hoffman drama All the President’s Men.

Based on the true story of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s investigation into the 1972 break in at the Watergate Hotel that lead to Nixon’s resignation the film follows the two reporters as they gather sources that aren’t twitter quotes, do thorough research and don’t do a single list article. They are practically unrecognisable from modern journalists.

Nick’s Guilty Pleasure

We haven’t seen this film so it’s unfair to judge Nick too harshly so we think we should be lenient and just give Nick thirty five life sentences. Zac Efron and De Niro are the comedy duo that nobody demanded and yet somehow we got, We’re assuming Efron plays the title role.

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