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Episode 13: Batman the Movie (1966)

Episode 13: Batman the Movie (1966)

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The most batusi-ed film to ever slide down a batpole into our hearts.

Jade, Brose, Trev and Lucas Testro, director of the brilliant short film Capes get together to wax lyrical of the greatest Batman ever. Say what you want about Nolan’s trilogy but in one film Adam West and Burt Ward fight off sharks, fight FOUR villains and saved baby ducks, nuns, young lovers, a marching band AND the entire World Council! Bale couldn’t even save his girlfriend!

Lucas’s Guilty Pleasure

Jack Nicholson once asked “Where does he get those wonderful toys”.. the answer is Condorman! A 1981 Disney movie where they cast Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em’s Frank Spencer as a superhero! We’re not even going to pretend we don’t love this film so the only people who should feel guilty are those who haven’t seen it.

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