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Episode 14: It’s A Wonderful Life

Episode 14: It’s A Wonderful Life

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Every time a bell rings Chatflix had another episode and this week’s episode wants to give you the moon.

Jade, Brose, Stu and writer/film critic Stephen Rowley pour themselves some eggnog and talk about the Frank Capra favourite, It’s Wonderful Life. Life is better with Chatflix.

While you’re listening, check out Stephen’s book Movie Towns and Sitcom Suburbs!

Stephen’s Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has a favourite Bond. Classicists go with Connery. Those who love smooth Bond like Bronson, Action lovers are mad for Daniel Craig…

And then there are the Roger Moore lovers. Moore’s Bond is almost a parody of Connery. Suave beyond believability, taking time out from fights with silly gadgets to make impossibly witty jokes and bedding ridiculously named women. Plus he wore velour tracksuits.


Here is Connery talking about Moore’s Bond

We won’t mention Dalton and Lazenby.

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