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Episode 155 Mini 31 Highlander: The Source

Episode 155 Mini 31 Highlander: The Source

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From the dawn of time Highlander sequels came, moving silently through the 90s and 2000’s. No one has ever known of this made for television movie sequel; Highlander: The Source… until now!

This week’s Chatflix Mini has Stu and Shaun crossing swords once again, in an attempt to decapitate this TV movie, the final and arguably the worst of the Highlander sequels (which Brose
will also argue Brose, despite that he has never seen it)

Adrian Paul, Thekla Reuter, Cristian Solimeno and Peter Wingfield star in this film as the franchise goes out with a whimper. No one is asking for the recipe of this Secret Source.

There can be only one… only one more… there can be only one more ‘last one’… one.

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