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Episode 158 Batman & Robin

Episode 158 Batman & Robin

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This week Brose is joined by Bat-fan and After The Snow illustrator Trev Wood and comic book tragics; Looch and Jazz. They sit down to relive the 1997 big screen comic book flick: Batman and Robin.

Joel Schumacher’s first franchise instalment was a legitimate box office giant. The second effort… not so much… Warner Bros. wanted to sell toys, so they upped the ante and cast THE BIGGEST STAR IN THE WORLD; Arnold Schwarzenegger AND indie darling; Uma Thurman, fresh off Pulp Fiction.

The new baddies faced off against a recast Caped Crusader; George Clooney. And why not? I’m sure the core demographic loved George in ER… And Clueless star, Alicia Silverstone making her debut as Batgirl. Oh, and Chris O’Donnell… shows up… again…

After 20+ years what do the guys make of the 4th time out for the not-so Dark Knight? Are there fond memories or were they just left out in cold?

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