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Episode 284 Under Siege

Episode 284 Under Siege

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with Hannah, Rhys Salmon, Jarrod Welsh and Brose Avard

It’s not just a new episode… it’s an adventure! ChatFlix on a Battleship! (or is it Die Hard on a Battleship on ChatFlix?)

We are UNDER SIEGE (1992) when a group of terrorists seize control of the vessel and only a crack Navy martial arts expert can save us… and, well, he also cooks.

We have granted action-flick-loving Hannah and son of a Steven Seagal look alike Rhys Salmon permission to board the chat while Brose has all the other ingredients prepped and ready to cook with faithful sidekick; ready to pop-out-of-a-cake, Jazz (collect the set!).

Take to the seas with us for Steven Seagal’s BIGGEST flick, partnered with Playboy Playmate, Erika Elaniak as they match wits with a two-faced Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey. (Imagine if Two-Face’s head was half Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey?! MIND. BLOWN)

There’s no launch code required, just pop in your headphones and download our latest episode TODAY! AVAILABLE NOW.

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