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Episode 285 Batman Begins

Episode 285 Batman Begins

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with Trevor Wood, Hannah Rosa, Stuart Wilson and Brose Avard

We asked, you answered and now it BEGINS!

In a BRAND NEW episode we kick off the winner of our Pick the Trilogy poll with the first of Christopher Nolan’s Batman flicks; Batman Begins (2005)

People need dramatic chat to shake them out of apathy and Brose can’t do that alone. He is just a man, flesh and blood, he can be ignored, destroyed but with the right panel, ChatFlix can be incorruptible and everlasting… with Trev, Stu and Hannah.. we can become a podcast!

Chatflix goes Batflix as a legend is born in the first film in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Pop on your headphones and suck on a throat lozenge and check out our LATEST episode TODAY!

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