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Episode 286 The Dark Knight

Episode 286 The Dark Knight

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with Danielle Chau, Adam Thomas, Angus Brown and Brose Avard

We asked, you answered and this week it continues!

We roll on with the winner of our Pick-the-Trilogy poll for a BRAND NEW BatFlix episode with the second serving of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, aptly titled; The Dark Knight (2008)

Set a year after the events of Batman Begins (and a week after Episode #285 of ChatFlix), The Gotham City do-gooders round up the criminal element that prevents Gotham City from appearing on any Most Liveable City lists.. UNTIL a ne’er-do-well known only as JOKER kick starts a NEW wave of chaos.

Angus swings in to disable the alarm, Danielle cracks the safe and Adam loads up the cash and it’s BROSE’s job to kill the bus driver… (damn bus drivers!)

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