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Episode 290: Black Widow [SPOILERS]

Episode 290: Black Widow [SPOILERS]

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with Hannah Rosa, Stuart Wilson, Trevor Wood and Brose Avard

Following the events seen in Captain America: Civil War and after suffering 19 whole months of real world delays because of.. well, you know, Marvel Studios 24th flick FINALLY hit theatres and homes through DisneyPlus’ Premier Access. There is plenty to chat about when it comes to; Marvel’s Black Widow.

Chatflix stalwarts Stu, Trev, Hannah and your host, Brose, of course, master the task of dealing with Natasha Romanoff’s history as a spy long before she was ever an Avenger.

Directed by Aussie Cate Shortland and also starring Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz, Black Widow is our NEWEST episode and available for you to listen to TODAY for FREE!!

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