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Episode 295 The Punisher (1989)

Episode 295 The Punisher (1989)

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with Lucas Testro, Larry Boxshall and Brose Avard

If society won’t punish the guilty Brose will.
Lucas defends the innocent but if you are guilty Larry gives a warning and shows no mercy!

ChatFlix with a vengeance, as we discuss the 1989 Dolph Lundgren film; The Punisher.

Brose is joined by Radioactive Lounge’s Lucas Testro and Larry Boxshall to venture into territory long before the MCU for a very early Marvel adaptation.

Shot here in Australia and also starring Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr and Aussie Barry Otto, how does this much maligned film hold up 32 years later?

Here is punishment, here is justice, here is this week’s episode; DOWNLOAD NOW!

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