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Episode 298 Beyond the Mat

Episode 298 Beyond the Mat

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with Julian James, Tosh Greenslade, Mikey J and Brose Avard

This week ChatFlix takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at wrestling, beyond the ring and into the lives of the men and women who inhabit this colorful, competitive, and surprisingly complex world with Beyond the Mat.

Brose is joined by Julian ‘the snake’ James, Mikey J Foley and Tosh Greenslade Funk to chat Barry Blaustein’s honest, intimate, revealing, highly entertaining, and critically acclaimed film.

Beyond the Mat features The Rock before Hollywood, Noelle Foley before Holey Foley and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts before he was resurrected by DDPYoga.

This week’s very real episode about professional wrestling is available to listen to NOW completely for FREE!!

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