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Episode 300: Star Wars (1977)

Episode 300: Star Wars (1977)

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with Nine Regular Panelists and Brose Avard

ChatFlix: Episode CCC – No Hope

We’ve taken YOU, the listener, from action and adventure with Raiders of the Lost Ark (Episode 1) to the horror of Scream (Episode 299) and everything in-between. NOW for our 300th Episode (!!!) it’s time we chat George Lucas’ EPIC space opera; Star Wars (1977).

An EPIC flick like Star Wars deserves an equally EPIC episode (have we mentioned it’s our 300th?)

With this in mind we have an EPIC an lineup of panelists. Regulars Hannah, Cable, Angus, James, Adam, Danielle and Looch join comedians Stephen Hall & Tosh Greenslade alongside our host Brose.

Not only that, we recorded the EPIC episode with an EPIC (albeit small) invited audience at the EPIC Castle Hotel in North Melbourne. EPIC enough for you? (I hope so, because that’s all we have)

So, stash some secret plans in your most loyal R2 unit, hitch a ride with a scoundrel, make friends with your appliances and listen to our 300th TODAY!

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