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Episode 318 Murder on the Orient Express

Episode 318 Murder on the Orient Express

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with Kathryn Tohill, Nick Rasche, James Hazelden and Brose Avard

When a murder occurs on a luxury train service, Hercule Poirot, world-renowned detective (and coincidentally a passenger aboard the very same Orient Express!) is recruited to solve the case in the Kenneth Branagh flick based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Agatha Christie: Murder On The Orient Express (2017).

Brose twirls his pointed, upward-curled moustache and invites the writers and star of Radio Mystery Theatre; James, Nick and Kathryn aboard the podcast to help him solve the murder and chat this all-star cast.

All aboard! This pod will be stopping all stations so grab your favourite spot, pop in your headphones and listen to our NEWEST episode today! All for FREE!!

Mystery Radio Theatre will be appearing at The Butterfly Club with a new show every third Saturday of the month until September 2021! Tickets available:


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