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Episode 57: Tootsie

Episode 57: Tootsie

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Did you know it’s such a man’s world that even successful women in Hollywood are actually played by men. Cate Blanchett? Actually James Franco. Julia Roberts? A character invented by Robert De Niro! Emma Stone is actually Ryan Gosling, shooting La La Land was reeeeeally hard.

Where did they all get the idea? Dustin Hoffman’s Tootsie! Where struggling sharp tongued actor Dustin becomes sassy and loved actress Dustin. In a time when trans wasn’t a thing, this film is about a man learning the lesson that women are actually PEOPLE! I was shocked too! Some presidents STILL haven’t learned that lesson.

Join Brose, Matt, Shaun and Hayley Tantau in a little soap opera we call Chatflix.

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