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Episode 68: Young Einstein

Episode 68: Young Einstein

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Ben Kingsley playing Ghandi, Nicole Kidman playing Virginia Woolf, Sean Penn playing Harvey Milk. The list of actors who won oscars playing real people is long.. but not long enough. There is a notable, and frankly shameful exclusion from that list. Yahoo Serious for his spellbinding performance of Young Einstein!

Well we can’t make up for that indignity but we can celebrate his genius in with our way: by chatting about it with Man Bites God!

Remember those guys? Not only are they an amazing comedy band that also do a hilarious podcast called they Theatre of the World but they are also our go to team when we need to talk about the creme de la creme of cinema, they last joined us for the Love Guru.

So split an atom, pour a beer and join us for Young Einstein.

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