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Episode 9: Aliens

Episode 9: Aliens

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Comics superstar Tristan Jones joins Jade, Brose and Stu on ChatFlix to discuss one of his favourite films: James Cameron’s legendary Aliens (1986) and maybe drop a few hints about what is coming up in the new Aliens comic book Aliens: Defiance written by Brian Wood as well as talk about the current state of the Aliens cinematic universe.

Meanwhile Trev sits out on the balcony because Brose’s dog Sammy was getting a little too excited.

Or download episode here.

Mentioned on the show

  • Make sure you get a copy of Tristan’s Aliens comic over at the Dark Horse site or tell your local comic shop to get it in.
  • Seriously check out this gorgeous art work.

Tristan’s Guilty Pleasure

It doesn’t matter how bad Tristan thinks Reign of Fire is, the way he described it made all the rest of the team rush out to watch it. “Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey driving a tank fighting dragons” is the pitch. We can’t help but find Tristan not guilty.

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